A Short Summary of Gemstones, Their History, and How They Work

Gemstones are beautiful in nature, but the real reason they are most loved is due to the naturally positive energy they can provide. This energy can transform our lives in many ways. 

The following gemstones are found in many YLDFlower pieces on our website with a brief explanation below: 

What is Chakra?

You may have heard of the word "chakra" many times, but what is it really? 

Chakra is believed to be points of energy throughout our body that direct our entire function. This means that all the processes that help our organs and entire body function are regulated by these chakras.

There are 7 chakras to consider. The following is a summary with a focus on how each one can affect your day-to-day life:


Known as the "Stone of Truth" or "Stone of Courage," Amazonites are believed to have the power to help us think clearly and make decisions without reservations. The courage to express yourself freely without the fear of judgment. The history of Amazonites are uncertain, but it was believed to be used for medicinal purposes to heal wounds and illnesses for many years. Its name "Amazonite" came from the Amazon River in Brazil that was surrounded by green stones.

Soothing Chakras: heart | throat

Benefits of Amazonites

The following are positive benefits to consider with the help of Amazonites:

  • Deters Loneliness
  • Stress-Relief
  • Protects Against Radiation
  • Builds Confidence


Overall health is believed to be the benefit of Amazonites, including:

  • Cell Regeneration especially after injury
  • Relief of Muscle Spasms
  • Reversal of Calcium Deficiency for the prevention of tooth decay, osteoporosis, and bone deficiencies
  • Rheumatoid Relief
  • Gout Relief
  • Hair Loss Prevention
  • Soothing Rashes
  • Clearing Acne
  • Sexual Disorders that include impotence and vaginitis
  • Aids in childbirth


In life, Amazonites can provide many benefits in your relationship, marriage, business, and even parenthood. It is believed to improve married life as it creates happiness and relief from outside stresses that might make a marriage difficult.

Negative energy stays far away when Amazonites are present. In business, you might notice an increase in customers and your ability to pay more attention to good and positive business practices. Amazonites attract your ability to be at the right place at the right time for the prosperity of your business.


Amethyst varies between red-violet to a deep purple. Amethyst is produced by the manganese in clear quartz, but receives it purplish color from iron.

Soothing Chakras: crown

The Mythical Story of Amethyst

Amethyst is believed to be the stone of "non-intoxication" and came from the story once told about the angry Greek wine king. Because of anger over an insult, the wine king, Bacchus threatened to have the first person he meets be eaten by his tigers.

One day, a beautiful maiden, named Amethyst was on her way to worship the goddess, Diana. Diana protected her by turning her into a clear quartz crystal. Once a crystal, Bacchus felt so guilty that he poured his wine over her as an offering.

Benefits of Amethyst

Throughout history, amethyst is believed to prevent drunkenness and intoxication. It's also believed to provide the following benefits: 

  • Mental Clarity for wisdom, improving creativity and strengthening intuition
  • Temper Management
  • Slowing Down the Hyperactive Mind
  • Relieving Insomnia
  • Curb Against Bad Habits and Overindulgences, such as drinking, smoking, drugs, gambling, and overspending


Amethyst is believed to provide many health benefits, including those for:
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Headaches and Migraines
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Boosting hormone production


Amethyst is also known as the "couple's stone." Couples surrounded by the energy from amethysts are said to be in a longer lasting, more connected relationship. 

Black Jasper

Jaspers come in many different colors. Black Jasper is one of the rarest of the Jasper family, but it is one of the most sought after. Historically, Jaspers are known as the "Sacred Stone of Protection" and have been worn by priests and kings for its protection from both the physical and spiritual realm.

Soothing Chakras: root

Benefits of Black Jasper

Protection is just one of the beautiful benefits of black jasper. It is also believed to have the following physical, emotional, and mental properties:


The health benefits of black jasper is so great as it is believed to be pain reliever of many ailments. It may also: 

  • Aid in digestive complications
  • Prolonged sexual drive
  • Help with Infertility
  • Regain energy and reduce the recovery period after open wound situations


Black Jaspers are known to improve relationships as it creates a more loving aura. It is believed to inspire love as it gives you the confidence you need to create a more enriching environment for you and your partner.


Your strength, confidence, integrity, and overall well-being will be strengthened with black jasper. Feelings of happiness will surround you, helping you make more positive, comfortable decisions for your life.

Blue Apatite

The name Apatite comes from the Greek word "to deceive" simply because it comes in many color variations, each one having its own special energy. Blue is one of the most well known and highest quality.

Soothing Chakras: throat | third eye

Benefits of Blue Apatites

The Blue Apatite is believed to be one of the best gemstones to have when trying to achieve new goals. It helps to clear the mind and improve memory so goals can be reached more efficiently. In addition its capacity to improve mental health, the following are also believed to be benefits of Blue Apatite Stones:


  • Calcium development and bone health
  • Weight loss with appetite suppression and increased metabolism
  • Arthritis
  • Vertigo
  • Headaches
  • Reducing hypertension

Mental and Emotional

Blue Apatite helps give you a zest for life. It can raise your spirits and give a you more positive outlook on life.

Blue Lace Agate

The Blue Lace Agate appears to be a lighter purplish color than it is actually blue due to its blue, white, and sometimes slightly brownish color. It can stand out among the rest due to its naturally beautiful color. It's believed to be a great stress reliever, especially for those who undergo stressful situations and can't seem to find the proper words to talk about their feelings and so responds with frustration instead.

Soothing Chakras: heart

Benefits of Blue Lace Agate

Just like the Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate promotes the feeling of being loved, because above all, love is the ultimate healing potion for just about any matters of the heart. There are other benefits you might want to consider with the help of Blue Lace Agate: 

  • Boosts confidence, especially at the possibility of rejection
  • Calming
  • Aids in lactation for breastfeeding moms
  • Can be helpful during the "baby blues" for new moms


It's also a belief that the following health benefits are possible with the help of the Blue Lace Agate stones: 

  • sore throat
  • bone disorders
  • arthritis
  • inflammation
  • high blood pressure
  • skin irritation


Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate, with its crazy layers of brown, gray, black, have been used for many years as a healing amulet. And since it's an agate, it's been known to balance the Yin and Yang of life.

Soothing Chakras: crown chakra | third eye

Benefits of Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate is known to strengthen a person's emotional, physical, and mental state.


When it comes to your physical strength, Crazy Lace Agate's popularity has grown with the belief in its ability to:

  • stimulate the digestive system
  • heal skin disorders, including itchy insect bites
  • prevent varicose veins
  • strengthen the heart
  • reduces fever
  • prevents sleepwalking


Emotionally, Crazy Lace Agate is believed to have the power to uplift and increase a person's self-esteem.


In general, Crazy Lace Agate is great for:
  • Overcoming fears
  • Feeling more secure
  • Promoting inner stability
  • Promoting fun
  • Uniting people


Howlites are often seen as a slightly creamy colored stone with dark, almost greyish veins and can be found in different parts of the world, including Russia, Germany, Turkey, Canada, Mexico, even the United States. 

Known as the "Awareness Stone," howlites are great for clearing your mind of distractions, stress, and anything that's keeping you from being more focused on what's important in your life. 

Soothing Chakras: crown | third eye

Benefits of Howlites 


Howlites are believed to:

  • help with osteoporosis and other bone-related disorders
  • cramps
  • anxiety disorders
  • insomnia
  • boosting skin health
  • helpful towards circulatory health


Your mind will have clarity, which is going to be a great driving force for newer, more creative you! It will allow you to open your mind to opportunities, making luck much more possible in your future.


The Labradorite stone is known as the "Stone of Magic" and have been used by travelers, healers, and Shamans for centuries. It ranges in mixtures of color green, blue, gray, white, and black and sometimes appears an iridescent color against light.

Its name came from its origin, Labrador, Canada, where it was discovered by missionaries.

Soothing Chakras: throat 

Benefits of Labradorites 

Labradorites are believed to bring out the best in people as well as:

  • Protects from negative behavior
  • Keeps stress and depression away
  • Enhance intuition

Physical Health

  • Improves respiratory health
  • Boosts digestive health
  • Speeds up metabolism
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Manages and aids in reproductive health

Mental/Emotional Health

  • Calms the overactive mind
  • Improves mental clarity and can bring forgotten memories back

Lapis Lazuli

Known as the color of royalty, the lapis lazuli has a beautiful, deep blue sapphire color. With a little mixture of calcite and pyrite deposits, these gemstones are believed to contain qualities that improve a person's success and prosperity.

Soothing Chakras: throat | third eye

Benefits of Lapis Lazuli

The lapis lazuli crystals are believed to be a great remedy for:


  • Headaches and migraines
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Fever
  • Reducing vertigo
  • Eye infections
  • Menstrual pain
  • Inflammations
  • Mental disorders, including ADD, ADHD, and Aspergers
  • Memory enhancer


Lapis Lazuli activates the third eye, which is the 6th chakra from the top. In the psychic world, it is known as the one that directs our sight. The Third Eye directs our awareness and how we see the world. What we see and how we process and translate the things we see happens through this chakra. With the help of the lapis lazuli stones, our Third Eye is balanced, helping us see things with more clarity. Hence, translating information with more sensible outcomes.


The Lapis Lazuli is considered to have energy that helps to enhance our lives and keep us away from the negative. It attracts positive energy, helping us gain success, where our efforts are most worthy of. 

Lapis Lazuli also:

  • Gives us the power to be more understanding and truthful
  • Helps us through our learning process
  • Helps us see things more clearly so we can create more loving and genuine relationships

Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper provides strong, nurturing energy bringing balance, wholeness, and tranquility. Animal connections and bonding can be powerful with these stones. 

Soothing Chakras: Root | Heart

Benefits of Leopardskin Jasper

Leopardskin Jasper has immense healing properties.


With regards to health, it is believed to:
  • help treat urinary infections
  • provide reproductive assistance
  • improve digestive system
  • boost immune system


Life, in general is more positive and whole with Leopardskin Jasper. Self-healing and strength are made possible with these stones.

Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz doesn't just look like the stone of love, because its pink color represents love itself, but it possesses the energy of compassion and unconditional love. It is known as a stone of the heart, aka the "Heart Stone." It is believed to attract new love and the development of more loving relationships. And just like the Crazy Lace Agate, it also balances the yin and yang of life. 

When pregnant, Rose Quartz is believed to help encourage the bond between mother and child. 

Soothing Chakras: heart

Benefits of Rose Quartz

It can be difficult to move on and learn to love the beauty we might take for granted if we still harbor old feelings. Rose Quartz allows us to deepen our self-awareness of the truth and understanding that is possible in us. It helps us become more compassionate towards past situations and encourages us to forgive, whatever the situation may be.


Rose Quartz is believed to improve the functions of the heart and the circulatory system as well as:

  • Improving skin health
  • Cough and bronchial infections
  • Post-partum depression and new moms who experience "baby blues"
  • Sexual difficulties
  • Relieving stress

Sea Sediment Jasper

There are two variety types of Sea Sediment Jaspers. One comes in blue and green color variations and focuses its energy on providing emotional balance and inner peace. Then there is the red and pink variation, which is helpful in making reasonable decisions.


The word Sodalite comes from the Greek words salt stone and is so, because of its large salt, mineral composition. As a mineral stone, it lacks the hardness of your typical gemstones, but still contains the ornamental beauty, making jewelry and accessories highly appreciated.

Sodalites are all about gaining inner peace and calmness. This affects the heart and most decisions with potential for more positive outcomes.

Soothing Chakras: throat

Benefits of Sodalites

Sodalites are believed to provide a balancing water energy that can affect one’s path in life. In addition, it has other great health, spiritual, and general life benefits.


Sodalites are said to have tremendous healing properties and has the potential to:
  • improve a person’s metabolism
  • control blood pressure
  • improving blood circulation and reducing edema
  • strengthen the immune system
  • calm the mind for better sleep and potentially curing insomnia


Many decisions are made based on a person’s emotional state. And sometimes fears can create anxiety attacks and stress. In the presence of sodalities, these unbalanced emotional conditions can be tamed, helping to generate more positive, lifelong decisions.

Sodalites are believed to have positive results for women who suffer from deep emotional stress during their menstrual cycle or are “PMSing.” In fact, it’s believed to balance all emotional stress caused by hormones, including ones that take place during menopause and pregnancy.

Unakite Jasper

Unakite Jasper is a great balancing stone for the heart and mind.  Its beautiful green color is a blend of Red Jasper and Epidote combined to harmoniously energize and lift spirits when they are down.

Soothing Chakras: heart chakra

Benefits of Unakite Jasper 

There are so many great benefits of being in the presence of Unakite Jasper. For instance, kids are known to be quite resilient when faced with challenges, but its strong energy helps them gain the added spirit to bounce back from these challenges much faster. In addition, it also promotes healthy relationships and balances the heart chakra, helping us to stay away from the things that could make us emotional or have us questioning our self-worth. 

Health and Life

With regards to our physical health, Unakite Jasper is great for repairing damaged tissue. It also aids in:

  • the the proper function of the reproductive system
  • our metabolic processes
  • healthy pregnancies
  • combatting addiction, such as smoking, drinking, over-eating, etc.
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