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BONDING with PETS - Adjustable Mini Shamballa Bracelet | Leopardskin Jaspers

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Jaspers, in general, are best known for their protective energy. Leopardskin Jasper is a great stone for those who are looking for protection and those who are in need of being nurtured or want to feel loved. 

Animals have a strong sense when it comes to human energy.  Dogs, for example, can sense your emotions and how you're feeling. Those who are lucky enough to have a lovable dog, knows their dog is likely to cuddle them when they're feeling down or may try to give them distance when they're in a bad mood. 

Leopardskin Jaspers are believed to help create a bonding effect between animals and people. It protects the nurturing energy that's been deeply hidden away so you can create a non-threatening, more lovable environment for both you and your furry loved one. 


This piece is offered with two energy preferences:

  • The Mini Shamballa is made with three 8mm gemstones
  • The Power Energy Shamballa is made with eight 8mm gemstones

Both pieces have an adjustable closure that can fit most between 7" to 9" around (extends to 11" around for hand and wrist space). 


To safely cleanse your gemstones, simply run it over water to remove the residue, dab it clean with a soft cloth. When the sun sets, place it on the ground or a safe surface directly under the moonlight. 

Leave your stones outside overnight, but make sure you take them back in before sun rise. 


    Gemstones are nature's natural resources and have been used by people for centuries to drive out impurities and send healing energies to different parts of the body.

    This bracelet may be made with semi-precious gemstones that are “believed” to contain healing properties. HOWEVER, we are not doctors or medical professionals. We cannot guarantee these healing properties will work for everyone.

    Gemstones should never be used as a replacement for seeing a qualified doctor or medical professional.

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