dainty sodalite bracelet for inner peace
minimalist bracelet for stress relief
bracelet to relieve headaches

INNER PEACE - Dainty, Minimalist Adjustable Gold Chain Bracelet with Sodalites

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Calm and relaxation is difficult to come by when you're always busy. Being busy can lead to stress, forgetfulness, and other mind altering situations. 
Known to energize the brow chakra and aid in clarity and logical thinking, Sodalites are believed to create inner peace and a more balanced existence.
Other healing properties of Sodalites include:
  • lymphatic system cleanse to protect your body from toxins and improve your immune system
  • balancing blood pressure
  • boosts metabolism for weight loss
  • reduce insomnia
  • headache relief

This bracelet is made with 4mm gemstones and an adjustable gold-plated brass chain (for longer lasting color and hypoallergenic effects) with a sliding silicone clasp that measures 8.5" around. We do understand, however that we are not all made equal.

Please refer to the following size variations: 

  • Small (up to 8.5" including adjustable area)
  • Medium (up to 9.5" including adjustable area)
  • Large (up to 10.5" including adjustable area)
We want to be sure you are absolutely satisfied with your bracelet. Please check your size carefully, measuring around the wrist and NOT over the wrist bone.

Gemstones are nature's natural resources and have been used by people for centuries to drive out impurities and send healing energies to different parts of the body.

This bracelet contains gemstones that are “believed” to possess healing properties.  HOWEVER, we are not doctors or medical professionals. We cannot guarantee these healing properties will work for everyone.

Gemstones should never be used as a replacement for seeing a qualified doctor or medical professional.

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